Craig de Sousa


Craig de Sousa


Since 1996 one name has been synonymous with house music in Cape Town, South Africa and indeed in territories all over the world: Craig De Sousa. A true staple of the beginnings of the genuine house music scene, Craig has enjoyed a career that has seen him tour his homeland extensively and enjoyed sets in countries all over the world. He is regarded as the DJ who 'wrote the book' on successful compilation albums and has been the force behind no less than eight of these exhibitions of house music from both local and foreign beat makers. He has enjoyed a close relationship with UK based house music label extraordinaire Drop Music for the best part of a decade and has kicked off one of South Africa's most reputable House music record labels Heads and Tails Music.

Always hungry for a relationship with music that goes beyond merely playing in clubs, Craig's relationship with events and media has been prolific to say the least. For 5 years Craig and presenting partner Dino Moran sat at the helm of The Night Watchmen on Goodhope FM, which still to this day is regarded as one of the most reliable and professional sources of quality house music ever to have been on SA's airwaves. Outside of presenting his own show he has enjoyed extensive mileage on air and has frequently appeared on radio stations such as FG Paris (Troublemen), 5FM (Roger Goode "Surgery" & Fresh Ultimix) and Y-FM (G-Forces Y-Ask-Y).

He has appeared on television and in the printed media and for 5 years has been the preferred DJ for Cricket SA & the International Cricket Council (ICC). He was involved in the SA Indian Premier League and has entertained crowds at both the T20 World Cup and Champions Trophy. As label boss of Heads and Tails Music, Craig has produced countless EP's and two studio albums for artists signed to his label. He has remixed various artists and toured every corner of his native South Africa as well as doing extensive international showcases. International acts he has supported include Deep Dish, Jeff K & Tim Paris (Silver Network), Cyril K (Dialect), Bruno Banner & DJ Fudge (Troublemen), Andy Riley & Laurence Ritchie (Drop Music), Roberto Mello (Classic), Ralph Lawson & Murray Richardson (2020 Vision), DJ Yellow (Yellow Records), Darshan (Metro Area), Kaskade & Troydon (OM), Sébastien Léger (Mistakes Music), Mark Knight (Toolroom), Giom and many more.