Killer Robot


Killer Robot


Killer Robot began life in 2006 as a platform to host the best in local and international techno artists and djs, in the process quickly becoming recognized as a pre-eminent dj collective in its own right. With over 3 decades of experience between them, Ivan Turanjanin and Bruno Morphet have risen to be the primary exponents of techno on the South African dance arena. Killer Robot has also become synonymous with the staging of cutting edge talent, seeking out and hosting some of the biggest names on the international circuit, often with a prescient ability to pick upcoming stars.

The list of artists to have graced the decks at KR over the last 8 years is as impressive as it is diverse. From the the post industrial machine music of Alex Smoke and the dark soundscapes of Konrad Black to the future funk onslaught of Seth Troxler, Killer Robot has embraced all of the finest exponents of the artform and been instrumental in exposing them South African audiences.

Not content with just booking the talent, the Killer Robot residents themselves have toured locally and abroad, playing a series of influential club gigs as well as all of the biggest festivals in South Africa, Bruno has put in ling haul gigs on the notorious Berlin after hours circuit with the likes of Visionquest and Ivan has travelled as far afield as Glasgow's SubClub.

Killer Robot continue their quest for sonic fidelity whilst steadfastly refusing to give in to the misconception that South African audiences only respond to mediocrity, and pushing the boundaries of awareness wherever they get the opportunity.